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Whether you're looking for a rich cultural experience or superior language education, you'll find both in the exciting environment of Lingvico. Here are some of the reasons you'll be glad you choose Lingvico.

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  • A Wealth of Experience, a Reputation for Excellence
  • Locations Throughout New York City
  • Affordable Cost
  • Convenient Schedules
  • Certificate You’re Proud to Present
  • Quality Control

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Featured Courses

Basic Skills

This course is available all year round for different periods.

Mastering Grammar

Small classes with a focus on grammar and written French skills.

Language Studies

Mini-Group course is comprised of small groups (max 4 students).

Second Language

You learn in small groups and benefit from 15 hours per week.

Language Trainings

This course is mostly for business owners and corporate workers.

30-60-90 Business

Small classes with a focus on the Business conversational French.

Intensive Course

A small-group course for the fastest and the most effective result.

French For Children

Your children get to meet new friends and learn French in groups.

Exam Preparation

This course is available for short periods during the year.

Business French

Standard course for those who wish to improve business language skills.

General French

You learn in small groups and benefit from 15 hours per week.


Our Teaching Methods

  1. Communicative
  2. Student-centered
  3. Authentic Learning Materials & Environment
  4. Integrated Grammar Instruction
  5. Experiential and Cooperative Learning
  6. Online Language Learning Support
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